Prints C74/C84

High-quality full-color digital printer


Powerful support for improving productivity at printing sites through automation and efficiency.
Combines operability, quality, productivity, and added value creation required in the future.

Efforts to reform work styles at printing sites are an urgent issue today. On the other hand, it is also true that we are facing serious problems such as "difficult to secure skilled operators", "time pressure due to diversification of processes", and "limited ideas that can be proposed". In such a trend, the Impremia C74 / C84 is the trump card that will lead to future business growth and the creation of added value....

In addition to high quality and high productivity, labor-saving functions and post-processing functions are also available. Looking ahead to the future, this is a digital printing machine that can meet your needs.

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  • Print resolution of 2,400 dpi, high image quality and high definition output close to offset
  • Automatic color management and front/back register adjustment before and during printing
  • Significantly shortens the time required for adjustments and inspections, and improves operating rates and productivity through advanced automation
  • Achieves high-speed, high-volume printing of 81 sheets per minute*1 from thin paper to thick paper
  • Ability to handle a wide range of paper from 62g/m2 to a maximum of 360g/m2
  • High-precision design provides high reliability and stable paper transport
  • Abundant in-line options that can perform a variety of finishes including four-sided cutting
  • Achieves long printing up to 1,300mm*2
  • K-ColorSimulator2*3 for color matching with offset printing
  • Supports 100V power supply *4
    *1: Impremia C84 color/monochrome output and
    Impremia C74 monochrome output
    *2: Up to 864 mm for double-sided printing
    *3: Option
    *4: Impremia C74 only


Model name Prints C74/C84
Print speed (A4 landscape single side) Pieces/min C74:71
Paper size (maximum) mm 330×487
Paper size (minimum) mm 100×148
Print size (maximum) mm 323×480
Use the amount of paper g/m 2 62~350
output resolution dpi 1200×1200
Color full color

*The output speed varies depending on the paper type and paper thickness.
*Some of the above specifications require the adoption of options.
*The size is the size of the above "Komori recommended specifications".

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