Business Areas

The offset printing business has been the cornerstone business of Komori since its founding. Offset printing is still the mainstream lithographic printing method for producing a wide variety of commercial and packaging products. It involves the transfer of ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket, and then onto the paper. This process creates high-quality, consistent and sharp images, making it suitable for a many well-known printed products such as books, catalogs, posters and flyers.
Digital printing machines produce work without using traditional lithographic print materials or making a plate, reducing initial job costs. They achieve high quality from the first sheet reducing substrate waste significantly. These machines are characterized by an ability to produce consistent, high-quality print using a lower operator skillset, making it less labor dependent and more valuable in tight labor conditions. Moreover, they are able to print variable data for each impression creating high value-added printing. While offset printing remains essential for specific applications, digital printing has expanded the possibilities for meeting the evolving demands of the printing industry.
Komori has engaged in the security printing business since 1958 and currently delivers its security printing presses to over 36 countries and regions as a banknote printing press manufacturer, earning high trust both domestically and internationally. Security printing presses, which require special printing technology for counterfeit prevention and reliability, are the culmination of Komori's outstanding print technology.
Komori’s PE business, centered about Komori’s subsidiary, Seria Corporation, manufactures systems that produce electronic circuits and components using multiple printing technologies. Their screen-printing machines are used for manufacturing printed circuit boards and electronic components. Their gravure offset printing machines are used for a newly developing growth markets in advanced chip packaging, micro-LEDs and Flexible Hybrid Electronics.

Other Businesses

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH, which joined the Komori Group in 2020, was established in Oppenweiler, Germany, in 1965. MBO specializes in the development and manufacture of highly automated, single-touch, labor-saving finishing systems for a wide variety of commercially printed materials, such as books, flyers and direct mail. It has high technological capabilities in the paper folding process and is a global leader in traditional offset and digital print finishing.
Komori-Chambon in France is a Komori Group company since 1989 and is a specialist manufacturer of web offset presses for in-line printing and converting of Premium-quality packaging, world leader in the industry of special machines and offering 100% control process as a single-source supplier.