Prints C120/C140

High-quality full-color digital printer


High-speed, high-convenience, reliable short-term delivery.
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The Impremia C120/C140 achieves high image quality and high definition output approaching offset with a resolution of 2,400 dpi.
By performing automatic color management before and during printing and front/back register adjustment, the time required for adjustment and inspection work is greatly reduced.
Increase uptime and productivity with advanced automation.


  • Print resolution of 2,400 dpi, high-quality, high-definition output approaching offset printing
  • Automate color tone/front/back register adjustment before printing, realizing skillless operation
  • Supports a wide range of paper thicknesses up to 450g/m²
  • Achieves both stable quality and high productivity through real-time monitoring and adjustment of color tone and front/back register
  • Long print of paper length 1,300mm is possible. Automatic double-sided printing up to 900mm
  • Automate post-processing with a group of high-performance finishers


Model name Prints C120/C140
Print speed (A4 landscape single side) Pieces/min C120:120
Paper size (maximum) mm 330×487
Paper size (minimum) mm 100×139
Print size (maximum) mm 321×480
Use the amount of paper g/m 2 52~450
output resolution dpi 3600 equivalent × 1200
Color full color

*The output speed varies depending on the paper type.
*Some of the above specifications require the adoption of options.
*The size is the size of the above "Komori recommended specifications".

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