Impremia C83H

High-quality full-color digital printer


Equipped with the latest advanced system, pursuing high operating rate as a digital printing production machine

The wide color gamut of high chroma toner faithfully reproduces sRGB, which cannot be reproduced with a normal CMYK system.
The Impremia C83H solves the problem of large color differences between the actual printed matter and the RGB image on the monitor.
While the human skin is smooth and clear with little graininess, it is also effective in eye-catching vivid designs....

This digital printing system contributes to the discovery of new businesses with high productivity that can respond to a variety of output formats thanks to its large-capacity paper feed and optional high-performance finishers.

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  • Vivid high chroma toner approaching the sRGB color gamut.
  • Print resolution of 1,200 dpi, high image quality and high definition output approaching offset printing.
  • Automate color tone/front/back register adjustment before printing, realizing skillless operation.
  • Supports a wide range of paper thicknesses up to 350g/m2.
  • Stable quality and high productivity are achieved through real-time monitoring and adjustment of color tone and front/back register.
  • Long paper length of 1,300 mm can be printed, and both sides can be automatically printed up to 762 mm.
  • Automate post-processing with a group of high-performance finishers.


Model name Impremia C83H
Print speed (A4 landscape single side) Pieces/min 81
Paper size (maximum) mm 330×487
Paper size (minimum) mm 100×148
Print size (maximum) mm 323×480
Use the amount of paper g/m 2 62~350
output resolution dpi 1200×1200
Color full color

*The output speed varies depending on the paper type.
*Some of the above specifications require the adoption of options.
*The size is the size of the above "Komori recommended specifications".

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