Prints C102

High-quality full-color digital printer


Further enhancement of automation and skilllessness
Contribute to customer's operational efficiency, order volume increase, and profit expansion

In today's world, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure human resources, there is a demand for changes in the working environment, such as efforts to save labor and automate work.
The Impremia C102 is a digital printing production machine that meets the trend of this work-style reform era and contributes to increased profits by providing high quality and high productivity, as well as enhanced automation and efficiency of a series of printing processes. is.


  • High-quality, high-definition output with a print resolution of 2,400 dpi
  • Automatic color management and front/back register adjustment before and during printing
  • Significantly shortens the time required for adjustments and inspections, and improves operating rates and productivity through advanced automation
  • Achieves high-speed, high-volume printing of 100 sheets per minute*1 from thin paper to thick paper
  • 52g/m² to 400g/m², suitable for various paper types such as embossed paper
  • Variety of in-line options including square cutting
  • Achieves long printing up to 1,300mm*2
  • K-Color Simulator2*3 that realizes color matching with offset printing *
    1: Full-color A4 landscape, 110 sheets per minute for monochrome, 57 sheets per minute for A3
    *2: Max. 900mm for double-sided printing
    *3: Optional


Model name Print C102
Print speed (A4 landscape single side) Pieces/min 100
Paper size (maximum) mm 330×487
Paper size (minimum) mm 100×148
Print size (maximum) mm 323×480
Use the amount of paper g/m 2 52~400
output resolution dpi 3600 equivalent × 2400
Color full color

*The output speed varies depending on the paper type.
*Some of the above specifications require the adoption of options.
*The size is the size of the above "Komori recommended specifications".

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