Impremia NS40

40-inch Sheetfed Nanographic Printing®System


The latest B1-size digital duplicator that fully utilizes Komori's accumulated offset technology to open up new business areas.

The latest digital technology that can contribute to customers' business expansion with its overwhelming productivity and profitability in jobs such as small and medium lot of various products, which are expected to grow in the future, and jobs such as packages, displays, and POP that require immediate delivery. The printing press was born.
Based on Komori's technology that has been cultivated so far, it achieves a printing speed of B1 size x 6,500 sph with a unique configuration that uses an image transfer blanket.
This is the pinnacle of digital presses that could only be realized by Komori, which can be called "digital offset printing."


  • Overwhelming productivity and profitability in small to medium lots
  • B1 size x 6,500sph printing speed
  • Excellent suitability for post-processing
  • Can print on various papers
  • Reduce time spent on proofreading and on-site meetings
  • Cost reduction, environmental friendliness


Number of colors colour 4,7
printing speed sph 6,500
Maximum paper size mm 750 × 1,050
Maximum print size mm 734 × 1,032
Paper thickness mm 0.06~0.8
output resolution dpi 1,200

* The total length of the machine is the dimension from the feeder to the delivery.
* Performance and numerical values may vary depending on specifications. In addition, the specification values may be changed for improvement.

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