Digital cutting and creasing system


Digital cutting and creasing for application versatility

Highcon™ EUCLID is a digital system that enables responsiveness, design flexibility, efficiency and in-house management. There is no need for complicated, expensive and time-consuming mold making and set-up work. Countless new opportunities in high-value products and markets from packaging to commercial printing applications, web-to-print and 3D modeling to solve current operational challenges and meet future growth needs open the door to


  • Capable of processing up to 2,250 sheets per hour
  • Wide range of substrates: label paper, paperboard, microflute
  • Compatibility with existing workflows
  • Variable data cutting (optional)
  • Highcon Axis web-to-pack package (optional)
  • 3D modeling package (optional)
  • Highcon integrated digital stripping (optional)
【basic specifications】
Model name Highcon EUCLID
Maximum sheet size mm 760×1,060
Minimum sheet size mm 320×457
Maximum throughput sph 2,250※1
material Paperboard and Labels 200-600μ
Microflute N+F+G Max 1.2mm
  1. ※1Layout assembly, it changes depending on the material

*Performance and numerical values ​​may vary depending on specifications. In addition, the specification values ​​may be changed for improvement.

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