Apressia DC105

Juquan Juan Cunyan automatic flat plate punching machine


Apressia DC105 with excellent cost performance, optimal machine for improving package production efficiency

Komori aims to innovate processing processes with an eye on the next generation, and provides optimal equipment and mechanisms such as newly developed post-processing machines. And now, Apressia DC105, an automatic die-cutting machine for 100% size, has been added to the Apressia series of post-processing machines.

The Apressia DC105 is the first platen-type die-cutter focused on packaging solutions. Standard equipment includes specifications and performance that meet the requirements for packages, numerous fine-tuning functions that pursue operability, and a non-stop paper splicing mechanism. The machine has excellent production efficiency and cost performance, and brings new added value to post-processing. This basic machine is ideal not only for package users, but also for users who are new to packaging.
In order to promote overall optimization based on printing, Komori will create new innovations in post-processing processes, including color management systems.


  • Komori's punching machines are basic machines that create new added value.
  • Equipped with a stripping station and adopts a standard configuration for paper feeding/discharging, punching, and waste removal.
  • Equipped with a semi-automatic pile paper splicing mechanism as standard.
    Non-stop feeder delivery is effective for large lots and paper changes.
  • The electric left and right adjustment of the feeder pile corresponds to the sensor alignment of heavy paper piles, shortening the preparation time.
  • A compact left-right opening ruler standard that can be attached to this machine, and is effective for large lots and paper changes.
  • The four front pads can be individually fine-tuned. Improved operability by consolidating the fine adjustment functions for the front and side needles in the registration area.
  • Highly rigid platen casting rib structure. Employs a newly designed rib structure casting to reduce in-plane unevenness of punching.
  • Face plate position fine adjustment function. Fine adjustment screws are included as standard equipment to shorten reprint adjustment work.
  • Conforms to the CE standard for punching machines and is CE certified.
Model name Apressia DC105
Maximum paper size mm 1,050 × 750
Maximum drawing dimension mm 1,040 × 720
Weight of paper g/m 2 90 to 600 (cardboard up to B level)
Mechanical weight kg 15,200
mold dimensions mm 1,090 × 743

*Performance and numerical values ​​may vary depending on specifications. In addition, the specification values ​​may be changed for improvement.

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