Paper folding machine for B1 size buckle


A paper folding machine that achieves high accuracy through high operational speed and robust construction

Until now, Komori has worked to expand its peripheral equipment lineup under the PESP (Print Engineering Service Provider) business strategy. MBO's high-precision, high-productivity post-processing product group will be expanded in Komori's sales organization, especially in Asia including Japan, and under the concept of "Connected Automation", Komori's IoT solution By linking "KP-Connect" and MBO's "DataManager 4.0", not only the printing process but also post-processing can be linked to improve productivity and realize automation and labor-saving solutions.


  • Maintain high productivity at an attractive cost
  • Perfect for processing long-run jobs
  • Simple structure allows easy and safe operation without computer knowledge
Model name MBO B30E
Maximum paper size mm Pile feeder: 760x1,200
Pallet feeder: 760x1,200
Round feeder: 760x1,250
Minimum paper size mm Pile feeder: 150x200
Pallet feeder: 170x250
Round feeder: 150x180
Paper thickness (weight) gms 35?250
speed m/min 205
Number of buckles that can be loaded Sheet 4 or 6
carrying may constitute Parallel folding 2nd station (4 or 6 sheets)
Parallel folding 3rd station (4 sheets)

*Performance and numerical values ??may vary depending on specifications. In addition, the specification values ??may be changed for improvement.

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