44"Front/Reverse Multi-Color Offset Printing Press
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Ultimate UV*-equipped Dedicated Double-sided Printing Press
Expanding the OffsetOnDemand World
The Lithrone GX44RP

The latest OffsetOnDemand-compatible double-sided printing press carries on the brilliant performance of the LithroneG Series. This is the 44-inch UV*-equipped Lithrone GX44RP dedicated double-sided offset printing press.
Designed to deliver high quality, short turnaround, high speed, stability and reduced waste in double-sided printing.

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A new system features single-edge gripping and eliminates sheet reversal. Single-edge gripping makes the margin on the tail edge of the sheets — an unavoidable structural requirement of perfectors — completely unnecessary, enabling paper costs to be cut by minimizing the sheet size. Eliminating sheet reversal ensures stable sheet transport that is capable of handling either light or heavy stocks through the use of four double-size transfer cylinders. Front/back plate imaging is in the same direction, just as with singlesided presses, increasing efficiency in prepress.
This machine expands the OffsetOnDemand world by means of cutting-edge short makeready and powderless instant drying to accommodate very small lots and short turnarounds thanks to the KHS-AI*1 integrated start-up control system and the UV* curing system. Thin sheet specification for commercial printing and cardboard specification for package printing. In addition, this press can be optionally specified with the A-APC Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer, the PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control SX Model, and the PQA-S Print Quality Assessment System for Sheetfed to achieve even higher levels of quality and productivity.
The Lithrone GX44RP: leading-edge technologies and know-how to achieve printing automation, standardization andinnovation. A powerful platform for the new generation of printing business.

* Can be equipped with one of the following: H-UV•H-UV L (LED) or UV
*1 KHS-AI: Advanced Interface



  • A high-speed, high-quality one-pass two-sided printing press, the Lithrone GX series that offers great stability and short makeready time.
  • Labor-saving automated systems such as the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) and benderless Full-APC are standard equipment.
  • The configuration of the one-pass double-sided printing press, which does not utilize sheet reversal, contributes to the efficient use of paper because the tail-edge margin required for a perfector is unnecessary.
  • Equipped with the Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer (A-APC)* for significantly shorter makeready times.
  • Equipped with the H-UV/H-UV L (LED)* system, which enables fast print drying and short turnarounds. A wide range of other options is also available.
  • *Optional specification
Number of colors front 4-8
back 1,2,4,5
Max. sheet size mm 820×1,130 (840×1,150special specification)
Max. printing area mm 810×1,120 (820×1,140special specification)
Plate size mm 900×1,130 (900×1,150special specification)
Feeder pile height mm 1,850
Delivery pile height mm 1,250

* Above specifications require either H-UV, H-UV L (LED) or UV.
* Total length of the thick sheet specification press includes the coater and extended delivery.
* Length includes the feeder/delivery steps and the operation stand.
* Maximum printing speed is subject to change depending on printing conditions.
* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvement

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