Regarding parts supply from KOMORI

Apr. 08, 2020
We have had a government announcement of “Japan not locking down”.
It’s only a self-restraint request such as going out.
By this, KOMORI is trying to avoid the risk by conducting telework or distributing work location for employees.

KOMORI warehouse is located in the suburbs of Chiba, not in Tokyo.
KOMORI factory is located in the suburbs of Ibaraki, not in Tokyo.

Mostly, the suppliers are producing the parts in local areas not in urban.
Therefore, there will not be a big problem arising of KOMORI purchasing the parts.
We are confirming the productive situation with each suppliers regularly.

Japan delivering the cargo to overseas has not stopped yet.
However, we have received a report that the space is very limited to load the cargo in the airplane due to
the decrease of flights, there will be a case of delay occur.
We appreciate your understanding on this.

At this moment, we have confirmed no big problem of supplying the parts to any of the customers, and we even
expect it is unlikely to occur in the near future.