Komori Announces Gold Partner of virtual.drupa

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO Satoshi Mochida) (“Komori”) today announced its support and participation in the virtual.drupa, taking place at virtual.drupa.com on April 20-23.

drupa, the largest trade fair for the printing industry, has shifted to a new exciting online format instead of the real event because of the ongoing pandemic in 2020. Komori proudly supports the virtual.drupa as a Gold Partner, the highest ranking among printing machine manufacturers.

■Komori Concept 『Connected Automation』
Drastic changes in the social and economic environment in recent years have demanded similar transformations in the printing industry. In particular, the degree to which productivity can be raised and profits generated has become a critical issue for printing companies. To solve this problem, innovation through DX – Digital Transformation of the entire production process is the key.
Connected Automation is Komori’s approach to seamlessly connecting individual processes to create smart printing factories. The central piece of software, KP-Connect Pro integrates and manages management information systems (MIS), prepress, press, postpress, which are divided among individual systems. With more and more customers adopting Connected Automation, both in Japan and overseas, the digital transformation (DX) of printing companies is already underway.
KP-Connect Pro is an open platform system that allows customers to connect to various manufacturers and vendors. In other words, customers can freely combine not only existing but also new devices.

Experience the innovative solutions made possible by Connected Automation for creation of smart factories, at the virtual.drupa Komori booth.

■Exhibit details
1. Conference area
In the Conference area that pre-registration required, Komori invites visitors to experience a number of our products commencing with Lithrone advance series that provide high ROI (Return on Investment) based on the automation technology that maximize productivity in the online session format. We will present the “Connected Automation” concept that we advocate through two sessions, commercial printing and package printing that brings automation to the pressroom. In particular, take notice of the core solution for the smart factory, the MES – Manufacturing Execution System “KP-Connect Pro”, the world class ROI printing presses “Lithrone GX/G advance” and the 40-inch digital printing system “Impremia NS40” that has advanced such as the increase to seven colors. Each of these sessions are condensed 30-minute format, so be sure to register so you don’t miss any.

-Commercial session: 22, April 8:40- (UTC: +1)
The highlights are the high-speed stable operation of light stock by the advance model and the “touchless” automation technology. Komori introduces three technologies here.
First, take a look at the automation by KP-Connect Pro through press automation that links Komori machines and postpress automation that links Apressia CTX132 and MBO K80.
Second is Parallel Makeready technology that drastically reduces preparation time. The A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System), blanket washing, and pre-inking are performed in parallel and allow for quick start-up.
Third are real-time concentration and register adjustment by in-line quality inspection system, and Autopilot that self-judges print quality. These enable the shortest and touchless production possible.
Productivity and operability has been drastically improved through automatic operation that removes the need for hands-on intervention from operators, and through use of presets for high-level automation of job changeovers.

-Packaging session: 20, April 8:40- (UTC: +1)
The highlights are new technologies that pursue “reduction of makeready time for package printing.” Changing colors for special color inks is a major source of production bottlenecks when printing packages. To solve this problem, we propose two solutions.
First is Parallel makeready for package printing. Ink roller washing can be performed simultaneously in addition to plate change and blanket washing.
Second id the Smart Color technology Komori developed. This is a revolutionary solution capable of covering a wide color gamut without changing ink. Reproducing colors requires a high level of dot reproduction accuracy. In other words, Smart Color is only made possible through the Komorimatic dampening system, which minimizes as much water as possible from ink without allowing it to emulsify. Smart Color will be an innovation that revolutionizes productivity for package printing by eliminating color changing.
Other options such as the replaceable ink fountain system and the anilox roller changer can be available for more efficient color change.
Thus, by eliminating production bottlenecks, our solutions achieve higher print quality and more efficient, higher productivity, even in package printing, which is becoming increasingly diversified and small-lot.

2. Exhibition space
At our Exhibition space we provide you with the latest information on the product line and solutions of Komori group.

3. Networking plaza
The Networking plaza is a completely new project that allows visitors to communicate online with Komori personnel of each country and region. Take a step into the future of printing with Komori through these new challenges.

Komori has created (provided) new synergies in the printing industry through drupa, a platform that has a tremendous impact on the printing markets. Komori appreciates Messe Düsseldorf and all partners for realizing the virtual format and sincerely wishes to see you again during the next real event.

To join the virtual.drupa, visitors are able to register at virtual.drupa.com
Please visit Komori’s exhibition space from

*You can register to the virtual.drupa website even before the exhibition. It can be accessed even after the end of the show, except for some sites such as web sessions and seminars. (Until the end of December 2021)
virtual.drupa will be held based on Central European Time (UTC +1), so please be aware of the time difference from your region when watching the web sessions.